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This study evaluates basinwide precipitation estimates from 9 yr (1998-2006) of Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) Multisatellite Precipitation Analysis (TMPA; 3B42 V.6) through comparison ... Machine learning techniques have also been used in order to assess the predictive uncertainty, for example, uncertainty estimation based on local errors and clustering (UNEEC) (Dogulu et al., 2014 ... Friday, 29 December 2017. Wolne fxcm handlu Form of the precision Input Description; source: Input values are of the class specified by source.Output matrix A is class double. Example: 'int16' source=>output: Input values are of the class specified by source.The class of the output matrix, A, is specified by output. Example: 'int8=>char' *source The input values and the output matrix, A, are of the class specified by source.

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